Personal Leadership Opportunity update


As a reminder, my personal leadershfordsustainable-dc4301feip opportunity is to encourage people different from myself and colleagues, with a different perspective and background, to think about a career in asset management. The first step in this journey is to help my team recruit an intern, with the help of a local charity. From here I would like to support the person by building up their understanding of the roles available to them and what it would take academically, and crucially help them develop their network in the industry and enable them to pursue a fulfilling career in asset management.

Unfortunately, I was off on leave in the first round of interviews for the 9 month placement we have offered. We had four candidates sent to us by the charity organisation, and I helped review the CVs for this. The candidates had a diversity of experience and background, just the sort of thing we were looking for to help provide a different perspective for the team.

When I returned from holiday I asked how about how the interviews went. Sadly, I was informed that only two the four candidates bothered to turn up to the interview…quite unbelievable. This is a paid 9 month opportunity to work in an incredibly difficult sector to get into…and the two candidates didn’t even bother to say they weren’t interested and won’t be coming for interview. Oh well. We are thinking about the two people who did turn up for the interview and what is best for them and us.

What has also dawned on me is the level of commitment required from us in terms of time to teach, mentor and make sure that the time is well spent for both parties. We would like to gain a different perspective from someone who has had a different experience in life – but to get to this stage there is a lot of hard work in terms of getting the person up to speed in a complicated line of work. I hope by the next time I write a blog update we will have picked a person to intern and that I can help that person contribute to our team.


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